Does Homemade Deodorant Work?

Does Homemade Deodorant Work?

how to make homemade deodorantKristeen Cherney began writing healthy lifestyle and education articles in 2008. I stopped using regular deodorant when I got pregnant, I'm breastfeeding now and I was stinky. When I ran out of the homemade I went back to the store bought stuff & my pits sweat, which they never really did before, and I have pit odor issues. I started using this recipe about 1 month ago and I can say it was a bit odd getting used to the feeling of coconut oil in my armpits. Your body can become used to the deodorant you're using and you can temporarily become immune to your deodorant. I know you can just use baking soda and water, but I also want to try it with a flavor and make it into a paste.

That got me thinking, and at that time it was difficult to find deodorant without antiperspirant (this was also before I knew of the existence of organic health food stores). Alas, the baking soda in the mix was irritating my skin (due to the rubbing of the mix into my skin). That's why vinegar is another natural deodorant that is used by many, and I was effectively using it myself for months at a time. Fragrances from a stick antiperspirant tend to last longer because of the thicker layer on the skin. What really annoyed me is later is I realized my T-shirts in the arm pit area were looking soiled from the coconut oil and orange from the Vitamin C. Many of my T-shirts are ruined now.

This brand is a great option to purchase to try out a similar style of deodorant, however, this one can make you (or maybe your spouse) rashy due to the baking soda content so keep that in mind! After applying it, it has some grainy" feel..should be the residue of baking soda. According to many using your standard store bought sick of deodorant raises some health concerns. I suggest that everyone buy the best organic virgin coconut oil you can afford and use it for cooking, too.

This natural deodorant is made with coconut oil and shea butter which both moisturize and nourish skin while the baking soda, clay and cocoa butter absorb odors. By not including women who never had breast cancer, she adds, all the study shows is that women who use a lot of deodorant happen to be younger. You can first look at choosing a fragrance-free deodorant to see if your irritation gets better. Make sure to use clean and dry fingers - do not introduce water into the deodorant.

I would love it if you would share your shampoo and conditioner recipe with me. I am just getting into making all these safe homemade products. During an impromptu workout session at home, when I turned up the heat to help me sweat a little more, the deodorant had that same blooming aroma that I had initially experienced. As I scrubbed under my arms, I noticed that the deodorant didn't rub away easily, and it did take a little more effort to wash off. Put the whole mixture in the micro for 15 seconds and it softened right up. Actually, so soft that I had to add more arrowroot and baking soda.

Baking POWDER, however, can contain aluminum, and that is where the confusion comes in. Apparently baking soda manufacturers were getting so tired of clarifying this to customers that they finally printed aluminum free" on the packaging. I'm going to try making some more tonight, but I'm going to halve the baking soda and replace it with bentonite clay. In those cases, we typically recommend a different formula using arrowroot powder or a milder absorbing ingredient instead of baking soda because it is not as granular," she says. I've searched for a good homemade deodorant recipe that actually works then it led me to your site.

I double the recipe and I double the amount of baking soda when I make it and I store this in small sized mason style jars for easy application after I shower. This deodorant won't have the same antiperspirant properties that some deodorants have, but it will keep you smelling good all day with only minimal use.